About us


Iconic 3ileen is a personal brand unlocking new possibilities in wellness, self-love, and social media communication.

After rebranding, Iconic 3ileen was launched in 2018 as a way to encourage

mom-preneurs to value their talents & worth as well as men to tap into their magic.

We also work with small business owners to help create quality online presence.


Meet the Creator

About Patrice

Patrice Eileen is an author, wellness motivator, social media specialist, DJ and creative living in the Dallas-Forth Worth area with her daughter. In her pre-teens, the New Orleans native grew a passion for writing as a form of therapy after “Hurricane Katrina.” Years later her desire to be a first generation college graduate was achieved by completing her BA in Communications and Performance Art from LSU. In addition, she is currently building her clientele as a brand manager.